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Wedding Reception Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

It’s very romantic to have a wedding outside, but there are many ‘what-ifs,’ the main one being the weather. There is always the chance that it will rain on your wedding day and you will have to move indoors, but here are some great ideas for the wedding reception if you have a perfect day with plenty of sunshine.


One crucial thing to consider before choosing a venue is whether you need a tent or not to hold a reception. With a tent to host the wedding reception, you won’t spend time in the sun continuously. This can lead to the bride and guest sunburns. Some guests may not be able to enjoy the sun. The tent is also a kind of insurance policy if the weather becomes terrible and rain begins. It also makes it easier to prevent the cake from melting under the warm sun. You must also have a backup scheme where it can be moved indoors in a bad storm if necessary.

You could also look at the available parking space, as you want to make sure that your guests have a parking spot and do not have to go far to the reception desk or drive for a parking spot. You can always host a reception in your backyard if you have parking space.


Decoration For an outdoor wedding reception, the decoration should be kept to a minimum. With regard to decorations, let nature speak. Congratulate nature with pieces that enhance its grandeur. Make sure that dangerous decorations like lamps or candles are kept out of any child’s reach. You need to make sure everything is out of the way with wires so that nobody goes across them. You can use silk flowers, if you like, rather than real ones.

Food and beverage.

Your budget is the main thing that dictates what you serve. It can be anything from a full dinner to snacks. It’s best to keep it simple, but one thing to remember is that many judges a wedding by the type of food and beverage they serve. There can be a hog roast for an outdoor wedding reception or a picnic or finger sandwich buffet. If there are kids at the reception, ensure that food is on the menu to satisfy the children.

These are just a few suggestions for what you might want to include in your outdoor wedding reception.

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