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The Worst Wedding Guests

Well, your great day is here, and you have been confident that everything is in place and the ceremony is going smoothly. Just as you’re satisfied with local staff, marriage planners, caterers, florists, and photographers, some of your wedding guests aren’t too sure of you. It might be stressful to think that your clients’ unpredictable or unpleasant behavior can turn a blind eye to the memories of your wedding day. As complete as the list of your family and friends is full of exciting characters. Hopefully, many of the worst wedding guests do not have:

Mother-in-law Crazy. Yea, he sobbed uncontrollably and quickly pointed to defects in all, from the bride’s dress to other guests and ladies to the newly established marriage ceremonial.

Father-in-law is inappropriate. Law-fathers don’t tend to be as emotional but can always show their disappointment. You can use the older man’s leniency exemption prematurely when they blur inappropriate comments, remarks, and jokes. They may spend the rest of the ceremony in a peaceful slumber after their tirade, allowing a special occasion to pass by.

Father and girlfriend without emotion. Your dad and girlfriend (if your parents are separated or divorced) are forbidden to show any feelings or hint of pleasure.

Emotional Mom. Emotional Mom. Some moms cannot dissimulate their emotions and cry at any moment of the wedding. To cope better, most people either control their marriage or go to the bottle to drown their feelings.

Bridesmaids-Zillas. You genuinely love your bridesmaids and respect them. However, the emotion and responsibility of the day and its desired positions can make them strangely characteristic. Some may become demanding monsters, while others will accept your request either out of obligation or for any other subsequent reason.

Honorable Maid, You’ve chosen your best friend you’ve known as your bridesmaid almost since birth. You have put trust and trust in her. She’s not a bridesmaid material, however. The pressure could lead her on a power trip, where she is constantly manipulating, complaining about everything, apologizing for things, making unsolicited comments, looking forward to the focus, and placing her wishes and needs in front of the bride.

Groomsmen’s Brotherhood. You have a unique bond with men at your wedding, so much so that you are like brothers. You know that they love alcohol almost as much as they love your friendship. This means that they will probably be fulfilled by the time their speeches come. You only hope that they don’t share blackmail-like X-rated addresses.

Not your brother’s best man keeper. Your best man has always had your back, and this time he will not let you down by telling you all about some of your deepest, darkest secrets and errors that must not be repeated before kids.

Obscene and disgusting siblings. Oh, yeah, your brothers and sisters cannot be forgotten. As they grow up, technically speaking, with ‘significant others,’ they still think and do like irresponsible, sex-hungry teenagers. You hope no one catches them in the parking lot, drunk or stones.

The unpredictable and unpredictable family extended. You have a large family, which means that you don’t all know very well. However, you are concerned about unexpected, unhealthy behavior. After all, you don’t want desperate cousins to flirt with your groomers, gossiping aunts to push you to stop the wedding because they’re someone who’ll become better than a husband, unwell kids screaming bloody killers and drunken onions. In a way, if it gets too bad, you can make your wedding into a book or movie.

Who and Other guests are that and “random.” Are these guests twice removed as your grandma’s second cousin that you “had to” invite, a “date” from one of your guests, or a random guy who just crushed the wedding for some free flirting and booze?

Although guest behavior cannot be predicted and controlled entirely, it is still important to enjoy your special day. There may be awkward and embarrassing moments, but why should they bring your wedding a tarnished memory?

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