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Ten Unique and Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas.

1. Dead bags
Perfect for any season, custom tote bags make excellent wedding favors. Plain tote bags are cost-effective and easy to adapt if you want to make your wedding favors. Short on time? Short on time? Some wedding shops provide custom totes, but they are more expensive than designing yourselves.
2. Lunches of sun
Have you the perfect summer wedding? Candy and chocolates may not be the best wedding favor for the hot summer sun for guests. Sunglasses are an excellent way to keep your guests comfortable and remember your special day in future years. What’s more? Frames are available in various styles and can be customized in so many different ways. Only your imagination limits you! Like tote bags, many wedding and party vendors can also personalize sunglasses professionally.
3. The Kits S’mores
Perfect for late summer and early autumn weddings, individual wedding kits are a creative alternative to traditional wedding favors. These can be as basic or decadent as you like and can work for any budget. All you need are graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and cute craft supplies to make your guests lovely, unforgettable gifts.
4. Candy in Custom Wrappers
More on the traditional side, custom sweets and sweets seem to be the key to wedding favors. From the frequently present Jordan almonds to the more modern chocolate bars, this is another easy and inexpensive way to give your marriage a personal touch. Why do you mess about a classic? Choose your sweetheart and pick those custom sweets. It’s a great way to impress wedding guests with a sweet tooth, and it’s also a good-looking party shower or bachelor.
5. Individual salts for baths
Bath salts are all the rage these days. Whether it’s for personal use, a Christmas present for a relative, or a birthday present for a relative, you may already have a recipe or two on one of your Pinterest boards. Individual bath salts are a unique and inexpensive way to spoil your wedding guests. Luxurious, tiny bath salt jars also give excellent favor to the bridal shower.
6. Hangover Kits for Rescue
If your guests drink, the Hangover rescue kits or “cures” are a must. You can make this wedding favor as straightforward or complex as you like, from a personalized water bottle to a catering kit. Like the other ideas, this concept is flexible and budget-friendly. Hangover Rescue Kits also offer great favorites for bachelor and bachelor parties!
7. Individual mix of hot cocoa.
Do you plan a winter marriage? Get your guests with these individual hot cocoa favors in a relaxed, comfortable mood. You can create some of the more memorable weddings with some jars, craft supplies, and some ingredients that you probably already have in your shop! The elements can be customized for different hot cocoa flavors, and packaging can be decorated as you like. If you want the concept but don’t have time for a project, some sellers sell customized hot cocoa packages.
8. Lip Balm Lip
Personalized lip balm is another out-of-the-box concept that offers plenty of flexibility for a winter wedding favor. You can use various aromas and scents to save your lip balm if you are going to have more expression or want to save some cash for your honeymoon. As with the above ideas, if you have to save time and energy, you can also buy personalized lip balm or do-it-yourself kits from sellers. Anyway, lip baking can be an exciting and practical favor to your guests for your marriage.
9. Bags .
You are probably already aware that the sachets are tiny bags of perfumed flowers or herbs that are usually placed in cupboards or wardrobes for a pleasant smell. You may not know that these herbal and flower-filled pouches are also creative favors for weddings. Such unconventional marriage favors, like sunglasses or totes, can be either purchased or made at home.
10. Kits of travel
Whether you have a wedding during your summer or winter, a homemade travel kit can be a memorable and valuable marriage favor. This idea is very versatile as the kits can be built on virtually every budget in many ways, and it is the perfect favor for a wedding at the destination.

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