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Seven Things to Consider When Organising A Wedding Car Hire

Much needs to be taken carefully when hiring a wedding car. A preferred car should correspond to the wedding theme or style and come from a reputable company that provides a reliable service. Let’s look at some of the most things to take into account when hiring a wedding car:

What is the number of cars preferred?

The number of cars required for the marriage day varies with the size of the wedding party. It can only be necessary for a small occasion to book a single vehicle to transport the bride and bride’s father. The option to stick to the minimum car rental will undoubtedly appeal to those who want to organize a tightly budgeted wedding. Anyone who visits the ceremony can book a taxi for the time required.

Another way to save money is to find a service ready for multiple journeys. If a company accepts to run double in every car, the number of vehicles required to transport the bridal party and its guests can be reduced. This particular service is usually provided when the ceremony and reception are within walking distance.

In addition, transportation arrangements must be considered to reach the reception. It will be necessary to transport the bride and wife and important guests, like the parents, to the reception desk quickly.

Who travels in the various cars?

For traditional weddings, the bride will travel in one car with her father, and the bride and bride’s mother is going in another vehicle. Moreover, an additional vehicle can be organized to take the bride to the ceremony. However, there is nothing to say that traditional wedding formalities need to be followed, so the freedom to travel more conveniently exists.

What is the duration of the hire?

Most companies will have their cars booked as long as necessary by the bride and groom. Try to avoid a pretty restrictive company on time as this can make everyone feel quick if the entire day is delayed. An all-day reservation without any restrictions is undoubtedly the best option.

Do our drivers always provide us?

Many of the companies will include a chauffeur to hire a wedding car during the day. There is, however, also the option of finding a service without a professional driver, which can book a car.

Rightly maintained and maintained

Ensure that the cars are maintained and maintained correctly to prevent a possible collapse on the wedding day. Any reputable company will maintain its fleet of vehicles, both modern and vintage.

Get an insight into the cost.

The cost of hiring a wedding car can vary from business to business. Ensure that you spend time and effort in the necessary research to find reputable companies and get multiple offers comparable side-by-side so that the preferred services offered can be price-fair. Many companies charge a standard car booking fee plus an additional amount based on the total distance of the trip.

Cancelation of reservation

Most companies will request a deposit to be paid when making a reservation. If there is reason to cancel the reservation later, this amount is not always refundable, especially when the special day is very near. However, wedding insurance may be available to cover these unfortunate situations.

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