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Coffee Roasts 101, What Are You Drinking?

You are new to the coffee world and want to digest as much information as you can easily. You drank Yuban, your dad, for years, and you know something better must be out there. You want to buy good coffee, but you don’t know where to begin. This guide will be your point of departure, your light of hope in the night.

Start with simple terms and then move on to a more refined glossary. Three ‘main’ roast categories exist. The Light Coffee Roast, Dark Coffee Roast and Medium Coffee Roast are available. Simply put, this range will flavour any coffee you choose. Each roast is indicated by the time spent in the roast, the temperature at which it is roasted and the bean colour following the roast.

Coffee roasts: this is the process of transforming a green coffee bean into roasted coffee. Coffee roasting can last for between 10 and 20 minutes and takes multiple stages from low to high heat to capture the complexities and tastes requested in the final production. Coffee has a wide range of flavours, colours and characteristics.

How do you say if you drink a Light Coffee Roast?

A light coffee roast is marked by its lightweight body, full taste and bright animation. The first impression you feel is the taste. Since the green coffee bean is roasted as quickly as possible, the authentic flavours. As the coffee is tasted on the palate, the full flavour of the bean is extracted. The finishing taste of light coffee is often referred to as sweet or animated. A lousy light roast will leave on your palate an acidic taste of grass. An excellent light roast has a slightly sour, aromatic floral finish, often referred to as citrus or fruity.

How do you know if you drink Dark Coffee Roast?

The whole body and its smooth liveliness denote a dark coffee roast. The first impression you feel is that the taste is neutral compared to a light roast. As the green coffee bean is roasted longer, it neutralizes all disgust and makes the flavour more even. Dark coffee is much smoother than its light counterpart. The more roasted the green coffee bean, the less acidity is left on the palate. It will have a less pronounced and therefore considered smoother finishing taste.

Medium coffee roast: medium:

The medium coffee roast covers the whole spectrum of coffee between light and dark coffee. It can be medium to full body flavour and either a smooth or slightly acidic after taste entirely up to the roaster and the region of the coffee bean. It aims to provide both light and dark coffee in the best possible way. The taste of the green bean will be captured without leaving its marks in place. The practice of creating well-balanced medium rust is highly crafted.

You will notice that most coffee mixtures you drink are medium roast. A roaster will carefully select which areas to blend to capture the right flavour.

How do you say that you drink a Medium Coffee Roast?

A medium coffee roast is known for its medium body and smooth brightness. The medium roast is probably the most popular coffee since it covers so many flavours. The roaster flexibility allows the green coffee bean to derive the most flavour. If you drink the coffee lingers and finish it with a refreshing taste, you probably drink a medium roast coffee.

Conclusion: Coffee is available in all shapes. There is no right or wrong choice; in other words, there is no personal opinion. When you choose to roast coffee, the general rule of thumb is that when the sun rises in the morning, it’s time to roast a light coffee, and when the sun goes down, it’s time to roast a dark coffee. In the meantime, feel free to drink the medium roast coffee.

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